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Becoming a broker is a very big decision, it’s a leap that’s taken by industry professionals that know the business, they have held key positions in Sales, Marketing, Affiliates, or were Forex Affiliates or White Labels before. You understand most of the business, let ArcherCTS guide you through the trading technologies.

ArcherCTS is your expert that can provide you with the full solution to your entire trading technologies needs in a single place. No need to look for additional 3rd party providers, with the ArcherCTS fully integrated solution, you can be live in days.

Need assistance with Forex Company formation, Forex Banking, Payments and Licensing – ArcherCTS? The experts at ArcherCTS, will show you how. Come join us today

The ArcherCTS full turn-key solution includes
but is not limited to:


A fully integrated Corporate
Website and Automated
Payment Solution.


A fully integrated Affiliate Partner
Platform and Website.


MT4 Trading Platform, with
Mobile, Web Trader and MAM – All fully


Risk Management and Tight
Transparent Liquidity.


Integrated CRM specifically built for
the online Forex and CFD Broker, integration to VOIP,
mass mailing and more.


 24/6 dealing and
support room including
intensive training.

Formation & Licensing

Company Formation

The first step in starting your own online trading company in Forex and CFD’s is to set up a company. Setting up the right company for you, in the right way requires experience and know how in the industry.

ArcherCTS will take care of all your needs including finding you the right Jurisdiction, offshore or onshore, take you through the entire due diligence process until all your corporate needs are done.

Forex Trading License or Regulation

There are several different options for licensing or regulating your online Forex and CFD Company by a financial services authority. Selecting the right Forex trading license in the different jurisdictions throughout the world whilst taking into account your financial restrictions and your ultimate goal is a job for experts; ArcherCTS has the knowhow, knowledge and experience.

Banks and Payments


Forex Banking Solutions

Bank accounts and the ability to conduct business in a safe and stable manner is a very sensitive issue for online Forex Brokers companies alike; that is why ArcherCTS has a close working relationships with a number of banks across the globe, specializing in the provision of international banking services for Forex Brokerages companies. Over the years banking has become a real challenge, it is for this reason that you need an expert.


Payment Solutions

A Payment Service Provider (PSP) offers merchants online services for accepting electronic payments by a variety of payment methods including credit card, bank-based payments such as direct debt, bank transfer, and real-time bank transfer based on online banking, as well as e-money solutions. Let ArcherCTS assist you in setting up payment facilities for your Forex Brokerage.


Website Design

The window to your Forex brokerage is your online trading website. Having a dynamic design for your broker website is tremendously important. Our experts have the experience in creating dozens of brands and we bring that experience and knowledge to assist you in creating your own image. Archer CTS offers a two type solution when it comes to website design, either create your own website and we will do the integration, or alternatively choose one of our existing Forex website designs and go live in days.



ArcherCTS have created a seamless way to fully integrate your brokerage website and automated payments directly into the ArcherCTS fully integrated environment. The advantages to this type of integration are many, but foremost is that you maintain full control to your website and business. This type of integration allows your end client to be able to access his “My Account” area within your website so that he may view his personal and financial details and trades and interact directly with your brokerage in a host of ways that are all managed by ArcherCTS CRM.

Forex CRM & Affiliate


Arguably the most important piece of the brokerage puzzle, is the Broker’s CRM. ArcherCTS, has invested tens of thousands of programming hours into the development of its dedicated Forex CRM. ArcherCTS’s Forex CRM is based on Microsoft’s Dynamic CRM 2015, the latest version and has been specifically designed for the online trading broker. ArcherCTS realizes that all brokers do not start large, and therefore the CRM must be able to support all types and sizes of brokerages for the successful management of their business.

ArcherCTS’s CRM is fully integrated into the entire “Start your own broker” trading technologies, and is user friendly as well as robust, it’s a very powerful and necessary tool for the running and advancement of your brokerage.


Online and offline affiliates are becoming more and more important to the online Forex broker, in some brokerages the affiliates are not only important but are vital to the maintenance and growth of the broker. ArcherCTS has several solutions for brokers on how to manage their affiliates.

Dedicated integrated Affiliate Partner websites, several different remuneration packages for the affiliate and more importantly for the affiliate online accurate information on their generated leads.

Trading Platforms

MT4 & MT4 Mobile:

The world’s most requested Forex retail trading platform remains the MT4 or Metatrader 4 trading platform. The regular download version is also supported by its Mobile counterpart that is able to be used on all Smart phones as well tablets. A client driven platform is exactly what traders are looking for, which is why Archer CTS offers the MT4 platform as part of its full turn-key solution for online Forex and CFD trading brokerages.

The MT4 must have optimal configuration from the get-go in order to have the most powerful, versatile offering to end clients, and requires expertise to get it right the first time, otherwise the offering will be poor and limited, as well as difficult to change.

Web trader & MAM:

The MT4 trading platform is the platform of choice when it comes to trading, however even though the download version is supported by the MT4 Mobile, it is still not available as a web trader. It is for this reason that ArcherCTS has made available a web trader that can support the MT4.

The last of the trading platforms made available by ArcherCTS is the MAM platform, (Multi Account Manager), this platform enables asset managers, money managers and portfolio managers the opportunity to run and manage their client portfolios in the most convenient way possible.

MT4 white label



Risk Management

The ability for a broker to be able to control its own risk management is essential to its independence. Without the decision of its own risk management procedures the broker is essentially a white label and cannot truly claim the rewards of running an independent broker until it is able to make its own risk management decisions.

ArcherCTS is a technology provider and not in any way in competition with the broker as white label partners are. ArcherCTS has created the necessary tools for brokers to run their own risk and make their own decisions. The broker is able to run both an A Book and B Book operation.

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The most important aspect of running an A Book, is transparency with your liquidity provider. If no transparency exists then the broker is running the risk that his liquidity provider has a conflict of interest with him.

If transparency does exist, then tight spreads, deep liquidity, and close to 100% execution should be the goal.

ArcherCTS has agreements in place with top-tier multiple liquidity streams on level-2 on all types of categories, Forex, Metals and CFD’s.

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Servers & Service


All of ArcherCTS’s trading technologies solutions are hosted by ArcherCTS. ArcherCTS broker consultants have gone to great lengths and expense to create a High Availability environment for all of its servers.

Hosting at ArcherCTS means that the broker does not have to concern himself with any type of servers, everything is taken care of at the highest level, with monitoring of not only the servers but the functionality within as well as High Availability to allow for the highest standards of uptime as well as loss recovery.


The best solutions in the World are only as good as the service that backs them. Customer support is the underlying theme at ArcherCTS. As part of the complete solution we strive to give each individual broker personal and professional service while attending to his needs, challenges, and business goals.
Our support room is composed of experienced broker consultants and trained market professionals, and is available 24 hours a day, 6 days a week.

About Us

ArcherCTS (Consultants, Technology Solutions) is the brand name of Archer International Consultants and is made up of a group of experts in the world of Forex. We are specialists with years of experience-and, more importantly, success-behind us.

ArcherCTS was formed to be an all in one solution for Forex Broker’s needs. From Company formations, Forex Banking Solutions, Payment Services, Licensing and Regulation as well as a Full Turn-Key trading Technologies Solution, including but not limited to designed and fully integrated Forex trading website with automated payment solutions into the ArcherCTS Forex CRM, and multiple trading platforms, Risk Management and Liquidity, integrated Affiliate platforms, VoIP technology and more.

ArcherCTS, the fastest, easiest and best way to enter and support your Forex Brokerage.

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