Forex Affiliate

Online Forex and CFD brokers are realizing more and more of the necessity of partnering with affiliate partners. Forex Affiliate partners are in great demand by all online brokers and as such the broker’s often go to great lengths to entice the Affiliate to work with them. It is for this reason that ArcherCTS developed a fully integrated Affiliate platform solution specifically designed for the Forex and CFD  brokers to manage their Affiliate partners.

As a Forex and CFD Broker and client of ArcherCTS, the broker is able to have a unique affiliate partner website that is fully integrated into the affiliate platform.

The affiliate will be able to register within the Forex trading website and once there pick and choose from a variety of different broker banners all with unique cookies for calculating affiliate revenue on a real time basis. This feature will place the broker in a preferred state with the affiliates, since the broker will offer complete transparency to affiliates and be able to attract affiliates organically, much in the same way as he is able to attract retail clients through his custom built website.

The affiliate will be able to view all the statistical data of his leads including impressions, clicks, leads, conversions and so on. The affiliate will also be able to view his money earned on a real time basis as a value of CPA, Pips earned, percentage, P&L and hybrid.

Features included in the affiliate platform include:
1. Affiliate Partners Platform and unique partners website
2. Fully integrated affiliate platform into the Forex CRM
3. Unique, Design and built Affiliate partners website
4. Affiliate Zone with the platform for easy access by the affiliate
5. Broker banners each built in with specified unique cookies for lead tracing and allocation
6. Statistics for affiliates
7. Multiple methods of commission allocation including:
a. Multi-tier
b. CPA
c. Pips per trade
d. P&L
e. And Hybrid solution
f. Live updates for commissions and statistics for the broker
MLM is also supported with the ArcherCTS trading technology solution