Liquidity is all about transparency and execution. Transparency is vital to prove to all parties that no conflict of interest applies. Brokers know better than anyone what a conflict of interest relating can do. Rejected trades, re-quotes, no-quotes, delay in execution and that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Many providers claim they offer next to nothing spreads, and once on-board the broker is unable to reproduce the same advertised spreads live. In fact, the broker ends up with a massive amount of rejected trades that are a killer to all legitimate STP brokers.

Execution is almost a part of transparency, since if you have transparency from top-tier banks and other first tier providers with multiple sources then top execution will likely follow.

The most important thing to an STP broker is execution, not spread. When advertised spreads are rejected, the broker realizes that the promised spreads were never there to begin with. The broker wonders whether those trades were sent to the providers, and realizing that there is zero transparency makes it almost impossible to run a successful STP brokerage.

It is for these reasons that ArcherCTS is truly revolutionary in the world of trading technology providers.

Our Feed IS OUR Liquidity
It does not make sense to have different sources or providers for feed and liquidity. Since end traders are trading off the feed source but executing off the liquidity source, any variation on the prices will increase the chances of rejection.

Having the same source for the feed as well as the liquidity will reduce rejection rates.
But how will you know your STP trades are being passed on to the liquidity provider?
It’s a valid question, particularly for experienced brokers. The answer seems simple: provide the GUI of the liquidity provider so that the broker can match the trades executed by its end trader and covered through to the provider. So if the solution is so simple, why is in not provided?
It is with ArcherCTS!

ArcherCTS opens a separate account for each and every broker with its ECN liquidity provider. The broker actually has a choice of either opening up an account with ArcherCTS or opening up directly with a true top tier ECN provider. Either way the broker will receive a dedicated account, straight from the FCA regulated ECN provider.
The advantages to the broker are obvious and can be summed up in a single word “TRANSPARENCY”.

  1. Full transparency on all STP trades
  2. Dedicated accounts with FCA Regulated providers
  3. Direct Accounts with providers
  4. Forex and CFD, all with STP capability

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